Courses Taught

First Semester 2023

Conflict Dynamics and Concepts in Africa ▪ University of South Africa

Gender Relations during Peace and Conflict ▪ University of South Africa

Summer 2021

Empirical Research in the Global South ▪ University of Kassel

Sustainable Development and Gender Equality ▪ University of Kassel

Peace, Security and Gender (in German) ▪ University of Kassel

The United Nations’ Gender Politics (in German) ▪ University of Kassel

Winter 2020/21

Instruments of Change ▪ University of Kassel

On the Politics of Emancipation and Liberation ▪ University of Kassel

Feminisms, Postcolonial (in German) ▪ University of Kassel

Theories and Topics in International Gender Politics (in German) ▪ University of Kassel

Summer 2020

Politics and Perspectives on Multipolarity ▪ University of Giessen

Milestones of Transnational Gender Politics (in German) ▪ University of Giessen

Approaches and Topics in Gender Politics ▪ University of Giessen

#MustFall: Precursors and Echoes of a Movement ▪ University of Giessen

Winter 2019/20

The United Nations’ Gender Politics (in German) ▪ University of Kassel

Africa and China: An Introduction ▪ University of Kassel

Feminisms in Dialogue / Feminismen im Dialog (bilingual) ▪ with Dr. Johanna Leinius ▪ University of Kassel

Transnationalisation and Participation in South Africa

Summer 2019 

Gender and Politics in Africa ▪ University of Kassel

Women’s Movements in the global South: Postcolonial Perspectives (in German) ▪ with Dr. Johanna Leinius ▪ University of Kassel

Theories and Topics in International Gender Politics (in German) ▪  University of Kassel

Politics and Gender in Rwanda (in German) ▪ University of Kassel

Winter 2017/18

Representations of Gender and Development in Rwanda (in German) ▪ with Dr. Martina Kopf & Yamara-M. Wessling ▪ Frankfurt University

Summer 2017

Protest, Resistance or Political Renewal? On the Theory and Practice of Social Movements in South Africa (in German) ▪ with Prof. Dr. Uta Ruppert ▪ Frankfurt University

Winter 2016/17

Negotiating Multipolarity: Gender Politics in an International World ▪ University of Vienna 

Rwanda’s Development(s) Revisited ▪ University of Vienna

Between Global Imperatives and Local Demands (in German)▪ University of Vienna

Qualitative Methoden der Sozialforschung / Qualitative Research Methods (bilingual) ▪ University of Vienna

Summer 2016 / 2015 / 2014

Africa in World Politics/African World Politics ▪ Frankfurt University

(South) Africa and China – Politics and Perspectives ▪ Frankfurt University

Civil Society in Kenya and Ethipia (in German) ▪ with Prof. Dr. Uta Ruppert ▪ Frankfurt University

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