Invited Talks & Keynotes

Liberation Politics and Its International Appeals ▪ Workshop at the Research Cluster Ethics of Globalisation ▪ Kassel University ▪ June 2021.

Black Lives Matter: Was Lernen wir aus den Protesten? ▪ Roundtable „Kontroversen“-Series ▪ Department of Political Science ▪ Giessen University ▪ July 2020.

Defiant Feminisms: (South) African Gender Politics and its International Appeals ▪ Breakfast Talk Series, ICDD ▪ University of Kassel ▪ January 2020.

Afrika neu denken VII ▪ Conference by Werkstatt Ökonomie e.V. ▪ Frankfurt ▪ September 2019.

Africa, China and the World Beyond: Societal Perspectives ▪ Department of Political Studies ▪ University of Cape Town ▪ March 2019.

Intergenerational Café: Academic Strategies for and from the Global South ▪ Global South Mentoring Café ▪ 60thInternational Studies Association Annual Convention ▪ Toronto ▪ March 2019. 

Transregional Choices – African Voices? Perspectives on Africa’s Relations with China ▪ Lecture Series “Eye on Africa” ▪ Center for African Studies ▪ Michigan State University ▪ November 2018. 

On the Politics of African-Chinese Engagements ▪ Graduate Talk ▪Department of African-American Studies ▪ Syracuse University ▪ November 2018.

Negotiating the China-Africa Story: Feminists in a Multipolar World ▪ Department of Gender and Women’s Studies ▪ Syracuse University ▪ October 2018.

Süd-Süd-Feminismen fordern Narrative der Weltpolitik des 21. Jahrhunderts heraus!? ▪ Cornelia Goethe Center ▪ Goethe University ▪ June 2018. (with Prof Uta Ruppert)

Addressing Women’s Representation before ‘Women, Peace and Security’” ▪ Department of Political Studies ▪ University of Vienna ▪ June 2017. 

Prospects for Transnational Collaboration in Chinese-African Relations ▪ Department of African Studies ▪ University of Vienna ▪ December 2016.

‘It Should Not Be Only Our Responsibility’ – Transnational Gender Politics in the Aftermath of Genocide ▪ Department of Development Studies ▪ University of Vienna ▪ November 2016.

Ending Violence Against Women in Africa: Progress and Challenges ▪ Blavatnik School of Government ▪ University of Oxford ▪ June 2016.

’Perhaps It’s a Global Village’ Negotiating Transnational Politics in the Global South” ▪ Otto Suhr Institute of Political Science ▪ Freie Universität Berlin ▪ June 2016 

Decolonizing Epistemologies, Methodologies and Ethics: Postcolonial-Feminist Interventions ▪ Roundtable ▪ Frankfurt Research Center for Postcolonial Studies Conference ▪ Goethe University ▪ July 2015.

Geschlechtergleichheit ohne Frauenquote? Erfahrungen aus Ruanda ▪ Department of Anthropology and African Studies ▪ Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz ▪ November 2014. 

Women, Peacebuilding and Transitional Justice ▪ Jus Humanis Spring Forum, Raoul Wallenberg Institute for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law ▪ Lund University ▪ May 2014.

‘Beijing Created a War between the Sexes’ – Transnational Gender Politics in Rwanda after ‘94 ▪ Department for African Studies ▪ Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin ▪ June 2014.

Rwanda: Engendering the Transitional Justice Agenda ▪ International Center for Transitional Justice (ICTJ) Workshop ▪ Cape Town ▪ June 2011.

Engendering Representation: International Norms in Rwanda’s Transition ▪ OSSREA Rwanda Chapter/University of Rwanda ▪ Butare ▪ August 2008.

International Norms: An Entry Ticket to Women’s National Representation in Post-Genocide Rwanda? ▪ School for Graduate Studies Lecture Series ▪ UNISA, Pretoria ▪March 2008.

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